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  • What can I raise money for? 

Money can be raised for volunteer programs, youth sports, yourself, friends and family, charities, medical expenses, educational costs, funerals & memories, animals and pets, churches, and many more.  


  • Are there any deadlines or time limits? 

We recommend a 2–3-week deadline in order to create a sense of urgency.  


  • Why Entertainment is one of the best Fundraising options? 

  1. Helps the whole community; helping fundraisers raise, helping supporters save and helping local merchants thrive! 

  2. More value than a donation drive and easier than any traditional fundraisers 

  3. No money to collect, no product to hand out and no record keeping  


  • What if I do not reach my goal? 

Reaching your goal is not required, but highly achievable.  


  • How will I receive the funds? 

Once the fundraiser ends, it will take up to three weeks for a check to be mailed to the chairperson.   


  • Are there any fees? 

There are no fees to fundraise or receive funds. You will receive the net proceeds from your sales.

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